Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Construction Starts

Just getting familiar to this whole concept of blogging. So bare with me while the kinks are starched out. For starters, I will share the purpose of this site and how it fits perfectly with my personal goals. First, we need to be honest with ourselves. We invest money to make money. Instead of working for money, investors put their money to work for them. Capitalism at its finest. And what better place is there in our globalized economy for rapid wealth creation than stocks? The modern stock exchanges are by far the most efficient and liquid medium for rapid wealth creation or...over night bankruptcy.

Because of short term volatility most personal investors shy away from holding periods of a year or less. The problem with this is accurate timing can produce astronomical gains when compared to the tried and true buy and hold strategy. Why should we keep holding a stock when the underlining trend is obviously down? Why not buy back our favorite stocks once the underlining sentiment has turned bullish again? Why you ask? Because its frick'in hard. It takes great skill, research and most importantly patience to accurately time bottoms, tops, fresh breakouts and breakdowns.

However grizzly this task, I believe success can be achieved through the perfect combination of economic insight, proper due diligence(fundamental and technical analysis) and self control. And that is precisely the goal of this blog. I will use this editorial not only as a portal to relay relevant investing information, but also as a personal journal so I can monitor my own maturity towards becoming an accurate speculator. I will attempt to post as much as possible, although this totally depends on the other constraints in my life.

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