Thursday, August 2, 2007

Update IMAX

IMAX continues to oscillate between tests of previous highs and lows. It is important during this action that we continue appreciating higher volume on the upside as well as consolidation on weaker volume. This indicates the bulls are more aggressive than the sellers, at this point. While unable to break through recent highs in the range of $5.20-$5.15, IMAX has demonstrated surprising resilience in light of recent market dynamics. If and when the market can shrug off the current financial concerns IMAX should be poised to run.

Another interesting development is concerned with the insiders, specifically a 10% holder by the name of Kevin Douglas who's recent purchases have totaled almost $2.5 million. He may not be a true insider, i.e. an individual who runs the company on a daily basis, but his recent purchases and their increasing volumes do poise interesting questions.

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