Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Update MVIS

In case you didn't see this yet at Reuters, here it is. From today's developments it would appear that we are going higher. Hopefully, I will have more regarding this during the weekend.

Microvision Shares Hit Year-High After Motorola Pact

By Purwa Khandelwal

Microvision Inc. (MVIS), a developer of high-resolution displays and imaging systems, on Tuesday announced a deal with Motorola Inc. (MOT) to make tiny laser-based projectors for cellphones, sending its shares to a year-high.

Microvision said the two companies will work together initially to integrate its PicoP projector inside a functioning mobile device for demonstration purposes.

The technology is expected to enable a "big screen" viewing experience from mobile devices by projecting the content onto a wall, object or even a curved surface.

"Our goal is to have an accessory device in the market in late 2008 and an embedded device by 2009," company spokesman Jeff Wilson said by phone.

He, however, did not say whether the company would have an embedded projector or a separate accessory, which could be used with PDAs and cellphones, in its deal with Motorola.

Wilson also added that the company was in talks with other large cellphone and consumer electronic companies, but declined to provide specific details.

"This technology has a great deal of potential," Canaccord Adams analyst Jonathan Dorsheimer said by phone.

"Because the technology is enticing to the automotive market for a safety feature known as heads-up display, they (Microvision) have formed a partnership with Visteon."

He added that Microvision has also signed a deal with another tier 1 automotive parts supplier, but said the company did not disclose the name. Redmond, Washington-based Microvision's shares were up more than 12 percent at $5.45 in afternoon trade on the Nasdaq, after hitting a year-high of $6.08.


JJ2000426 said...
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CNL said...
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the uneducated investor said...

Thank you for the info on IMAX and MVIS! I will do my own research on them, but thank you for the leads! what do you think of BRCD at curent $7.38 price? over $600+ million in cash, they inherited McDatas(acquired) 172 mil debt, but had none of their own. also SDTH at $5 ? Doubling their production capability by eoy 07. exclusive market with chinese tire companies ++ also, CTRP is splitting soon, with e olympics coming next summer there, I think the 2 for 1 split price will have doubled again by end of summer 08. I would like your opinion on these stocks. perhaps they might interest you!?
let me know what ya think, at cowleyjags@hotmail.com

CNL said...

I would have to look at them in depth to get a real opinion. I will try to find some time to do that in the near future. Maybe this weekend?

JJ2000426 said...
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