Friday, July 6, 2007

Update NBF DVR

First off, I added more to my long term holdings of NBF for $3.04. I found a great article in Biodiesel Magazine discussing Nova's technology and the impending completion of the Sanimax Biorefinery.

Secondly, I closed out my DVR July $17.50 call options for a 16% gain. I really wanted to hold these contracts longer, but I was forced to close due to the nonexistent liquidity of these contracts. Due to this, the contracts oscillated wildly over the last month often times neglecting to reflect the accurate time value of the contracts.

Basically there was a point when the contract was worth $.10 despite DVR trading at $17.60 with over a month before expiration. I love trading options, but with out proper liquidity they will often times trade sporadically not accurately reflecting the true value of the contract i.e. intrinsic value + time value.

Finally, with over half the year behind us I am up 23.2% thus far.

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