Monday, May 7, 2007

Sold Short WFR

Sold short shares of MEMC Electronic Materials Inc.(WFR) at $57.09. This company provides wafers to the semiconductor industry and polysilicon to the solar industry. Due to the current shortage of polysilicon and the rampant demand from the solar industry, shares of WFR have appreciated 60% since November of last year.

On April 30th however, RBC Capital Markets downgraded WFR to sector perform from outperform and cut the price target to $53 from $72. The analyst suggested that investors should book profits and reallocate capital else where. The stock responded by selling off on 17 million+ shares compared to the daily average of 5 million.

Technically, WFR created well established trendlines extending back into early November. After the analyst downgrade, shares gapped through the bottom trendline and preceded to move through the 50 DMA until support was found near $52.00/share. Imediately after we saw a weaker volume rally until resistance was met at the 50 DMA. Currently there is weak support at the $57.00 level, which if broken should lead to a testing of the $54.00 range.

My target is $54.20.

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