Friday, May 25, 2007

Update MVIS - Pure Speculation?

P lacing technical analysis and sound fundamentals aside, its time for some unabridged speculation. Recently, shares of Microvision contiue to move higher on technology improvements and contract agreements. While I enjoy the fact that MVIS's technology is light years ahead of the competition, I am more interested with these non-disclosure contracts. As of late MVIS seems to be completely a washed in them. The real questions are what is their importance and how can they benefit ME as a shareholder?


While these contracts don't directly effect the bottomline, they give continual support and credibility to MVIS's technology. As a shareholder invested fully in a micro cap company(MVIS), its quite soothing to have the companionship of a larger player(s).

In November of 2006 it was cute to read about how a major teir 1 automanufcture has come on board to develop Heads Up Displays with MVIS. It was nice after the major Asian customer electronics manufacture contract was announced. Well now its May 2007 and we have not one, but two tier 1's, two major customer electronic manufacturers and a complete wild card commercial transportation contract to develop MVIS technology for aerospace applications! I am sorry but, cute and nice do not give true respect to the gravity of these contracts. One word comes to mind, sexy! The fact that all of these inevitably larger companies find keen interest in MVIS's technology makes me all the more secure with my position. The latest aerospace contract is the one which intrigues me most. There aren't may players in this arena and one of Boeing Co. world headquarters happens to be located some 30 miles away from MVIS's campus. I am not saying anything...but what if?

Benefit to Shareholders

Odiously the continual signing of these contracts has boosted the share price some 200% since late last year, but I believe updates from these existing contracts could provide further price movement aside from the much anticipated OEM contract. By updates I am specifically referring to the eventual disclosure of the players involved.

Non-disclosure contracts are signed for many reasons. Simply put, companies don't want their respective names released for competitive and credibility reasons. Companies such as Sony don't want to disclose at the time of signing because the technology and the potential for commercial viability is in the infancy stages. Why tarnish Sony's good name and damage potential brand equity by partnering up with bunk technology? After a lengthy call to investor relations I came to the conclusion that non-disclosure contracts eventually disclose when the time is right. This was made evident by Visteon's disclosure some 4 months after the contract was initially signed.

Going forward I believe that we could see disclosure of MVIS's PicpP partners. Depending on the clout of these companies, the share price will respond accordingly. For longs lets hope they go big.


Church of the Fly said...

I have a sizable wager based on this similar opinion. Hate to call such speculation an investment yet, but I definitively have stronger conviction for MVIS/MVISW than I have for most of my other positions. Hope we're right.

Woodshedder said...

Good post. I too have considered the sept. calls.

CNL said...

Time will tell, but from the strength of MVIS thus far I will not be suprised if it pans out in our favor. Still can believe the short interest in this one...geeez.