Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Update MVIS Sell

I sold the bulk of my June $5.00 calls at $.35 and $.55 today for a gain of 75% and 233% respectively. The remainder of my June $5.00s will be held until expiration, since I am no longer playing with my money. Thanks Microvision!

As for MVIS, I am still holding my core position as well as my September $5.00s. I will also be looking for weakness so as I can buy more Septembers and possibly December $7.00s. For the sake of MVIS's long term trend I wouldn't mind seeing lower volume selling/consolidation for the rest of the week.


Tim said...

FYI...We had lunch planned for CEO and CFO here today in our offices, but co cancelled at last minute (3rd time they've cancelled on us). Told us CEO had to fly out to important mtg. We have no what it is, but hopefully soemthinbg to do with that rumored OEM deal?? Our firm does not have a rating on stock. We set up lunch w clients to learn more about co.
Tim Bueneman McAdams Wright Ragen Seattle

CNL said...

Sounds good. I am eagerly waiting a 'pull back' so as to buy more september/dec calls. We will see if this occurs.